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Measure and Test, Don't Guess!

PINT's analytics service includes:

If you aren't actively measuring your site's ROI it's hard to tell if you are truly achieving your goals. Relying on simple Web analytics metrics such as page views, visits, or even bounce rate numbers likely isn't telling you what you need to know. PINT's web analytics and testing services can help convert you from guessing to knowing and give your site valuable measurements that can help guide your future Web development and design efforts.

With measurements in hand your business is free to move onward to testing with A/B and multivariate testing strategies that improve your site conversions and raise your site's ROI.

Google Analytics deployment, optimization and auditing. Optimization and configuration of the world's most popular Web analytics solution to improve your usage data collection.

In Page Analytics Services. Deployment of in-page analytics measurements for usability and conversion improvements using PINT's Clickformant technology.

Enterprise Class Analytics Management. Management and configuration of analytics from vendors such as Omniture, Coremetrics, and more.

Voice of Customer Integration. From simple VOC integration to surveys to panel based data you can gain a more complete picture than analytics alone.

Custom Analytics Development. Development of site or application specific analytics and diagnostics including Flash based systems.

Custom Dashboard and Report Design. Design and development of dashboards and reports with emphasis on tying together data from multiple sources into a unified analytics system.

Consulting and Analysis. Expert evaluation of your analytics strategy and in-depth reading of reports to glean site wisdom from traffic.