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Is your Web security policy http://please.dont.hackme ?

Don't wait for your Web site to be compromised, take action now. Studies show that Web Application and Site attacks are on the rise. Securing your Web site from defacement, denial of service, and malware hosting is no longer a nice idea, it is a must do. PINT's Web security services can help give you peace of mind that your Web site is safe and your end users are not sorry they visited.

By employing a site audit, hand penetration test, or automated scans PINT can determine common problems with Web sites and applications including:

  • SQL Injection vulnerabilities
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) oversights
  • Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) openings
  • Session Hijack Opportunities
  • Application Logic Attack Possibilities
  • Forceful Browsing and Information Gathering problems

Once concerns have been identified PINT can apply code fixes directly or employ a Web Application Firewall (WAF) such as Port80 Software's ServerDefender to plug any identified holes as well as stem possible Zero-Day attacks yet to be seen.

PINT can also help you avoid being a target by applying anti-reconnaissance techniques such as:

  • Error Page Sanitization
  • Anti-Server and Technology Fingerprinting
  • View Source Scrubbing
  • Bot Management
  • Using software solutions as well as making site and serve changes

PINT offers a wide range of Web security services not canned packages that imply a single approach answers all security concerns. PINT will tailor a security policy to the type of site and budget you have.