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Web Site and Applications Are Software

Web software development can be a serious challenge. The Internet is hostile, delivery is difficult, and it always seems code should have been delivered yesterday given the latest business needs. PINT understands the Web development game better than anybody and we should--our CEO actually wrote the first book on bringing software engineering to Web development over a decade ago.

No matter if you build software for the desktop, server or cloud, without proper skills and management the end result is too often lacking. Whether you get agile or extreme, have a scrum meeting or fall over a "waterfall", your software project will be in a death spiral before you know it if you don't get real. Web Software Engineering requires experience, discipline, skills, and a real computing background.

While we implement numerous popular software engineering procedures in our coding efforts including continuous integration, code coverage analysis, unit testing, and yes we know all about the "Joel Test." However tools aren't the goal, our main mission is trying to make things work better. There is no silver bullet for sale here, just clean competent coding with a healthy dose of pragmatism.

Contact PINT to discuss how we might help you write your Web code with confidence.

When you hire PINT you know you are getting a firm that takes Web technology seriously.

+ Node.js
+ Ajax
+ 3rd party frameworks
   including jQuery, ExtJS,
   and YUI

+ Zend Platform

Java Platform
+ Servlets

+ C#
Server Modules
+ ISAPI Filters
+ HTTP Modules

Common Database Platforms
+ SQL Server
+ mySQL
+ Oracle

CMS & Ecommerce Platforms
+ Magento
+ Sitecore (Partner)
+ Ektron (Partner)