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Eric Samuelson Rob McFarlane Jimmy Tam

By carefully watching industry trends and providing services whose value will last into the foreseeable future, PINT provides the competitive edge and investment protection you need to keep you at the forefront of your market's Internet efforts.

PINT management is highly experienced in Internet technologies. Our core management team, featured on this page, brings almost sixty years of combined experience to bear on every aspect of the business. Managing a diverse staff of fifty employees at two locations, PINT's team of project managers specializes in interdisciplinary coordination between our design, tech, and maintenance teams. PINT stimulates creative interaction between departments by means of knowledge sharing, cross training and overlapping skill sets.

Eric Samuelson

General Manager

Eric Samuelson oversees the finance and operations for PINT. Eric brings over 15 years experience in operations and accounting, and has worked within businesses in the technology, healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality industries. He has served on the Board of Directors with many local San Diego nonprofit organizations as Treasurer and Director. Eric earned his BS Degree from Arizona State University in Psychology.

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Rob McFarlane

Creative Director

Rob McFarlane oversees all aspects of the Web design process for PINT clients, including site design, user interface, Flash and multimedia integration. He received a degree in Multimedia Design from Platt College in 1996 and currently resides on the school's board of advisors. Rob's broad design experience encompasses not only Web design but logo and identity work, technical illustration, and t-shirt and clothing design. His advertising work has appeared in national publications. His work has accompanied articles by Thomas Powell in several magazines, and his technical illustrations appear in most PINT book projects, including Ajax: The Complete Reference.

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Jimmy Tam

Technical Director

Jimmy Tam combines his technical and creative abilities to push the envelope of Web design and development. He was a consultant for the San Diego SuperComputer Center from 1993 to 1996. At SDSC, he was involved with server-side Web programming, technical support, and Web server technology. Prior to joining PINT in 1996, Jimmy was involved with many large-scale Web development projects, including the Air Quality Management District Project in Los Angeles and the San Diego Bay Project. Jimmy holds a B.S. in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences from UCSD.

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Thomas Powell

PINT Founder and President

Thomas Powell is a long-time Internet and Web industry veteran. After a stint at CERFnet in the early '90s, he founded Powell Internet Consulting (later renamed PINT), a Web and network consulting services firm, in 1994. The firm has grown over the years to become a well-respected industry player in corporate Web site development.
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