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Make Your Visitors Happy and Improve Conversion Rates!

Site performance is directly related to user happiness and conversion. Paint your pages faster and you have a better chance of a user sticking around to see your message. PINT's Web speed optimization service can take your site and make it fly.

Employing a combination of compression, caching, source reorganization, request reduction, and asset optimization, very often PINT can cut your page load in half or even more.

Standard engagements include a before and after report showing original load time versus the new, optimized load time.

Speed Optimization Chart

While each performance engagement may be different, PINT optimization typically includes a number of steps:

  • Configuration of server-side Gzip compression
  • Definition of server-side page caching if appropriate
  • Development of an optimal client-side cache control policy for dependent assets
  • Reduction of requests using sprites, JavaScript and CSS request bundling
  • Reorganization of page load order to improve paint perception
  • Employment of DNS names to parallelize downloads
  • Optimization of heavy assets including images, Flash, and PDF files
  • Application of byte shaving source optimization when appropriate